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Database Access Management

Efficiently Manage User and Service Accounts

Cyral regulates access for database users and applications, ensuring that only authorized users and services have the necessary permissions to access specific data. It facilitates federated authentication, privilege management, reporting on access rights, and access monitoring. Cyral helps streamline access management, ensure data integrity and reduce risk.

Cyral Unifies PAM and API Security for Databases

Manage access for privileged users

Enforce policies on application users

Eliminate need to change workflows

Complex & piecemeal

Lack of identity federation for databases. Use PAM for privileged users. No ability to distinguish between multiple application users.

  • Disruptive privileged user workflows
  • Manage privileges within databases
  • Inability to restrict app privileges

Seamless & unified

Single solution for privileged & application users. Service account resolution for app users. Inline integration with central Identity Provider. 

  • Access rights managed through IAM
  • Enforcement for apps and users
  • Seamless user and administrator workflows

Unique Capabilities of Cyral’s Database Access Management Solution

  • Extend access control to applications and services
  • Associate application queries to individual users
  • Prevent users from abusing application credentials

  • Prevent accidental and malicious deletion of data
  • Implement masking of PII data in databases
  • Simplify compliance and privacy assurance

Advantage of Cyral Over Stand-Alone
Privileged Access Management (PAM)

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