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Database Firewall

Application Layer Firewall for Databases

A Database Firewall fortifies database security by filtering incoming and outgoing traffic, allowing only authorized access while preventing unauthorized attempts. With real-time threat detection and prevention features, it provides a protective barrier against potential breaches and cyber threats, ensuring the safety of data.

Cyral Provides a Comprehensive Database Firewall

Restrict access to trusted networks

Enforce fine-grained access control

Implement monitoring and alerting

Agent-based, network security

  • Users connect via VPN clients
  • Policies ignore user identity
  • Inability to restrict cloud apps

Agentless, defense-in-depth

  • No need to use VPN for access
  • Enforce policy-based access control
  • Policies applied to app users

Unique Capabilities of Cyral’s Database Firewall 

Enforce defense-in-depth

  • Restrict access to accounts from trusted locations
  • Implement SSO and MFA
  • Granular access control over sensitive data

Protect users and app traffic

  • No need to install and manage agents
  • Prevent service account abuse
  • Consistent security policy enforcement

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