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Data Security Posture Management

A Data-Centric Approach to Security

Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) is a continuous process of assessing, monitoring, and improving the security posture of an organization’s data. It involves identifying and classifying sensitive data, assessing the risks associated with each type of data, implementing appropriate security controls to protect the data, and continuously monitoring the security posture and making improvements as needed.

Cyral Augments DSPM with Data Security Contracts

Automated discovery and classification

Externalized fine-grained authorization

Continuous monitoring and alerting

manual remediation

  • Ongoing users to roles mapping
  • Manage privileges within databases
  • Inability to restrict app privileges

automatic remediation

  • Policies specified external to databases
  • Users gain privileges through IAM
  • Enforcement for apps and users

Unique Capabilities of Cyral’s DSPM Solution

  • Reduce overhead with simple permission management
  • Implement precise control over who can access data
  • Segregate duties by not relying on DBAs for remediation

  • Prevent users from accessing data with app credentials
  • Associate application requests to individual users
  • Eliminate reliance on duplicating policies in applications

  • Prevent accidental and malicious tampering of data
  • Implement policies for obfuscating PII data in databases
  • Improve compliance with privacy regulations and data retention standards

Seamless to Manage and Scale

User-friendly UI, with full GitOps support

Enforces least privilege across multiple policies

Deploy anywhere using any tooling

Don’t do Data Security Poorly and Manually

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What is Data Security Posture Management

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Limitations of Native Access Management Controls in Data Warehouses

Limitations of Native Access Management Controls in Data Warehouses

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