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Comprehensive Data Security

Elevating Security. Simplifying Governance.

Secures All Databases and Data Lakes

Cyral’s Data Security platform provides a rich set of features and capabilities for database and data lakes storing structured and semi-structured data. The product works uniformly for cloud and on-prem data repositories. Our architecture supports both no-code and infrastructure-as-code operating models.

Bringing Access Control to
Data Security

IAM has historically been the cornerstone of all corporate security. However, databases are generally managed though roles which cannot be inherited from IAM entitlements. Additionally, most consumers of data lakes use visualization tools and apps to consume data, which hides their activity behind service accounts. 

Cyral’s unique capability is to integrate data security governance with an organization’s IAM solutions, without impacting workflows and workloads. Additionally, Cyral’s Data Security Platform consolidates key capabilities into a single solution which replace the need for niche tools and products.

Our platform includes:

—— Discovery & Classification

Cyral’s discovery and classification capability is built to handle the
unique needs of multiple teams collaborating using different tools
and approaches. Cyral helps create a central index of all sensitive
data within database and data lakes using the following techniques:

  • Continuously scanning data repositories
  • Pulling in metadata from data catalogs
  • Integrating with purpose-built discovery tools
  • Annotations supplied by developers in code

—— Access Control

Cyral’s access control capability is designed to address the unique
challenges of federating access to databases with conventional IAM
tools. Cyral seamlessly extends IAM controls to all databases for all
users and applications by:

  • Federating authentication with existing identity provider
  • Eliminating users from having database passwords
  • Leveraging IAM entitlements for administering access
  • Mapping queries from service accounts to user identities

—— Fine-Grained Authorization

Cyral’s enables policies to control access to specific rows, columns,
documents and objects within various databases and data lakes.
Cyral unifies how policies can be applied for users and applications
across a variety of data repositories. Policies are specified using
centralized IAM roles and entitlements, and are easy to build and

—— Monitoring & Reporting

Cyral provides real-time visibility into all data activity across all data
endpoints from any user, application, tool or service. It reports who
has access to what data and why, helping organizations simplify audits,
speed up forensics and reduce mean time to resolution.

Designed for Seamless Usage

Supports no-code and infrastructure-as-code administration

Easily implement policies for security and governance

Promote collaboration between business and technical users

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