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Network Shield

Network security for database accounts

Restrict access to sensitive database accounts from known, authorized locations. Easily specify policies for both users and applications.


Users connect to cloud databases by first logging into a bastion host within a trusted network, with voluminous keylogging implemented. Applications connect directly.

  • Awkward user workflows with multiple authentication steps
  • Does not work for applications and external users 
  • Multiple logs needing cleaning and synthesis


All users and applications connect to the database, routed transparently through Cyral. In a single place all checks are enforced, and clear audit trails are generated.

  • Works easily for all users and applications
  • Self-contained logs, no data cleansing needed
  • Unified controls for implemented database access

Advantage of Cyral over traditional network controls

Network Shield
Security GroupsACL
Controls access at database account levelControls access at instance levelControls access at network level
Operates at Layer 7Operates at Layer 4Operates at Layer 4
Supports allow rules onlySupports allow rules onlySupports allow and deny rules
Request results are automatically allowedRequest results are automatically allowedRequest results must be explicitly allowed

Benefits of Network Shield

Implement defense-in-depth

Simplify troubleshooting and forensics

Centralize all database controls

Prevent credential abuse

Improve database performance

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