White Paper

Cyral for Data Access Governance

There is a rapidly growing ecosystem of cloud-based data services like Snowflake, MongoDB, Looker, Databricks, Kafka, and Tableau, which are used to store, process, and analyze operational intelligence, business intelligence, and other structured and semi-structured data. This growing ecosystem of databases, data lakes and data services (known as the Modern Data Stack) enable businesses to be more data-driven. 

To truly harness these benefits, IT, DevOps, and Security teams must learn how to properly govern access across their data infrastructure architecture for all their employees, partners, applications, and BI tools without impacting agility and user experience.

Download this white paper to learn:

  • A simplified access management and governance model 
  • How to leverage Identity federation
  • How to manage service role disambiguation
  • Why you should embrace Security-as-Code
  • The benefits of centralized compliance controls and audits