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About Us

We believe the future of data is in democratization, and it’s security in collaboration.

Data Cloud Security Made Simple

With no other solution on the market able to provide consistent security controls for different databases, data warehouses and data pipelines, we set out to build a simpler way to empower enterprises.

Cyral has eliminated the complexity allowing you to see, control, and protect every piece of data in the Data Cloud – without impacting performance, agility or user experience.

Ease and Flexibility for Developers

The word “Cyral” is derived from Saral (सरल), a word in Hindi which means simple, because we value simplicity when designing products.

We aim to build security products that are very easy to use and highly effective, and a company that everyone wants to partner with and work for.

Awards and Recognition


We are grateful to be backed by investors with deep expertise on this journey.

Work with Cyral

We’re always looking for outstanding individuals to join our family! We embrace a supportive and open remote working culture.

How it all Started

Unveiling what it Means to Protect Data with Security as Code

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Founding Investor’s Perspective

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The Way of the Cloud (and a Tale of Two Refrigerators)

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