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Discover Data Layer Security

Who We Are

Cyral is the first cloud-native Security as Code solution to protect the modern Data Layer. For the first time, get a unified view of all your data layer activity. Easily observe, protect, and control your data endpoints in a cloud and DevOps-first world.

Cyral’s unique data layer sidecar intercepts all requests to every database, data warehouse and data pipeline from any user, application or tool, without impacting performance or scalability. Our sidecar deploys within your existing infrastructure, Cyral enables visibility and control without changing your applications or workflows.

Creating Simplicity out of Complexity

The word “Cyral” is derived from Saral (सरल), a word in Hindi which means simple, because we value simplicity when designing products.

We aim to build security products that are very easy to use and highly effective, and a company that everyone wants to partner with and work for.


We are grateful to be backed by investors with deep expertise on this journey.

The Parliament of Owls

Owls are generally solitary, but when seen together the group is called a “parliament” as they have long been considered to be of a wise disposition. This goes back to at least Ancient Greece, when a little owl was usually depicted accompanying the goddess of wisdom Athena.

There are different theories as to why exactly they’ve been considered wise, but most believe it’s due to their wide-eyed, seemingly watchful, thoughtful gaze, and ability to see at night.

Our Cyral Parliament of Owls is no exception as we focus on bringing visibility to data flows still in the dark.

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