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Insider Threat Mitigation

Protect Data From Access Abuse

Cyral helps proactively detect and prevent potential risks posed by internal users or compromised devices and accounts. It provides defense-in-depth against unauthorized access, enables sophisticated monitoring and behavior analysis to identify suspicious activities, and safeguards sensitive data. Cyral’s solution ensures data integrity, compliance and reduced risk.

Cyral Brings Security Controls to Databases

Insider threat can refer to either someone malicious within the organization, or bad actors who have compromised internal users’ devices or credentials. Security teams typically reduce this risk using MFA, granular authorization policies and alerting for highly sensitive resources, all of which require identity federation. Most databases, however, do not support identity federation.

Cyral brings identity federation to databases, and enables security teams to extend their security model to databases.

How Cyral Mitigates Insider Threat for Database 

Federate database auth to your identity provider

Enable single-sign-on across all databases

Easily Manage Access to your Data

Extend MFA to database users

Implement a just-in-time and just-enough access model

Provide a seamless access approvals workflow

Implement safeguards for PII and other sensitive data

Protect data from unauthorized access and tampering

Simplify compliance and privacy assurance

“By implemeting Cyral, we fullly automated authentication and authorization to our databases using an IDP and SAML 2.0.”

-Head of IT and Security from a fast growing SaaS HR Tech company

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