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Secure Your Data Mesh.

Cloud-Native. API-First. Simple.

Granular visibility and policy enforcement across all your data endpoints.

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Cloud Native

Designed to support your infrastructure-as-code workflows and orchestration

Fast & Light

Dynamically scales to your workloads, with sub millisecond latency


Easily clicks with all your tools with no changes to your applications


Security directly at the data mesh for:

  • Enhance cloud security with granular data access policies

  • Extend Zero Trust to the data mesh

  • Protect your organization from data breaches

  • Increase trust with your customers and provide assurance

  • Simplify user management for databases and data warehouses

  • Discover and enforce least privileges across all data endpoints

  • Meet compliance requirements for data activity monitoring

  • Get continuous change management compliance through security as code

  • Use data cloud context to respond to incidents faster and reduce alert fatigue

  • Detect and prevent exfil attacks using advanced policies not possible elsewhere

  • Alert on high-severity anomalies and analyze suspicious behavior patterns

  • Integrate with existing tools and leverage the MITRE ATT&CK framework

  • Automate data security to provide security SLAs and enforce business policies

  • Monitor resource usage, trace data flows and resolve issues with data cloud visibility

  • Use monitoring, management and orchestration tools of your choice

  • Integrate into your CI/CD workflow to enable policies as code

See How Cyral Is Different

What People are Saying

“At Uplift, data is a key asset and its security is paramount. For us, a security solution must strike the right balance between agility and effectiveness. We needed efficient access controls that allow us to do more with our data while simultaneously eliminating risk and enabling teams to move forward with the greatest speed. With Cyral, we found a solution that does just that.”
Stu Kelly
CTO, Uplift


Introducing the Data Mesh Sidecar

Cyral is built to handle the unique performance, deployment and availability challenges of the data mesh. With Cyral you see the full picture.

Cyral’s data mesh sidecar is a featherweight and stateless interception service that enables:

  • Real time observability into all data cloud activity, and granular access controls
  • Highly performant and scalable interception
  • Prevention of threats and malicious access to your data that would go otherwise undetected
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Open Source

No One Wants To Do it Owl by Themselves

Cyral not only leverages open source technology to secure the data we care most about. We also build open source projects of our own. Our goal is to bridge the gap between Security and Engineering teams, and foster a culture of working together with our growing community.

Our technology focuses on today’s Infrastructure as Code model, expanding it to include Security and Policy as Code as well. We value simplicity and strive to bring visibility to the data cloud for Security and Engineering teams in the dark.

We hope you join our parliament of owls by contributing to our projects.

What People are Saying

“Anything that affects throughput matters to our business and what we like about Cyral is that it’s lightweight and runs in parallel with the data traffic, with no impact on performance.”
Peter DeGroot
SVP, Chief Information & Security Officer, Postmedia Network Inc.

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