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Cloud-Based, Data-Layer Security Company Cyral Announces the Launch of its New Open Source Project: Approzium


The first of its kind for data layer security, open source Approzium project gives developers tools to help better observe and secure data by themselves

Cyral, provider of the first cloud security platform for the data layer, today announced the launch of Approzium, a pioneering open source security project designed to directly empower developers to improve monitoring and tracing of database services in the cloud or on premises.

“This unique data layer security project could only be successful if it’s open source since it’s going to be integrated into application code,” said Manav Mittal, CEO of Cyral. “By open sourcing the code, we wanted to eliminate any concern engineers would have about putting a third-party component in their application.”

Approzium is designed to work standalone. It does not require use of Cyral’s commercial platform. Approzium security and performance metrics by default are sent to a Grafana dashboard. Minor code changes make it easy to run a Datadog agent so that the metrics may be sent to a Datadog dashboard or whatever tool the development prefers to use.

Approzium is available free for download at under the Apache 2.0 open source software license.

In February Cyral also launched the open source brewOPA project, created to make it easier for developers, DevOps, and SecOps teams to interface with policy engines of the future. Specifically, it helps developers to take advantage of YAML interfaces to bridge the gap between DSLs for data security in the new world of cloud-native, Kubernetes, service mesh and more. BrewOPA is available free for download under the CNCF umbrella on GitHub.

More and more databases, pipelines and data warehouses are moving to the cloud. The concept of infrastructure as code is now the defacto model for most enterprises today. While proving a boon for productivity and agility, it creates new challenges for security and DevOps teams to keep track of their data, making it nearly impossible to know who has access to what data and what they are doing with it. Cyral provides DevOps and security teams unmatched visibility and control without any changes to their production applications.

Cyral’s commercial offering provides data layer security protection across an enterprise, providing immediate benefits for security, DevOps and IT and data governance teams. The data-layer security platform now supports native and seamless integration of more than 60 leading enterprise software tools and datastores broadly used among Global 2000 enterprises. Cyral’s data layer security platform has now been proven in production deployments across multiple major verticals.

Test drive Approzium today to find out how much your developers will appreciate the power to monitor and trace database services themselves.

About Cyral

Cyral is the first cloud-native platform providing security as code for the modern data layer. DevOps and security teams get granular visibility and policy enforcement across all data endpoints for an unmatched unified view of any organization’s data layer activity. Cyral is venture-backed by Redpoint, A.Capital and Costanoa. Follow us at @cyralinc

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