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Cyral Converges DAM, PAM, DLP and DSPM Into a Single Solution

MILPITAS, Calif., March 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cyral, a leader in cloud-native data security governance, announced today it has become the first to provide all of the features of database activity monitoring (DAM), privileged access management (PAM), data loss prevention (DLP) and data security posture management (DSPM) capabilities from a single platform. Cyral’s data security governance platform automates data access discovery, observability and auditability, as well as access control and enforcement for databases in every cloud.

Despite the constant threat of data breaches, years of investment in individual cybersecurity solutions and the increasing emphasis on data-driven decision making, most companies still don’t know precisely what data they have, where it’s stored nor who can access it, let alone how to manage that access. And as budgets tighten, it’s growing difficult to justify separate tools to answer each of those questions. Cyral’s converged platform answers them all, using continuous discovery and observability, and goes further by making it easy for organizations to set rich policies for granular access control that truly protect sensitive information.

The latest release of the Cyral platform adds turnkey policy templates that make security best practices easy to implement across an organization’s entire data layer, including policies for data masking, rate limiting and user group policies that extend all the way to the field level in databases.

“It seems like common sense that companies should be able to quickly and easily set a policy across all their data like rate limiting, which in a few keystrokes, can prevent data breaches from being measured in the millions. Now they can,” said Cyral CEO Manav Mital. “Cyral has built a platform that acts as the single source of truth for all of an organization’s data and a central point of control for data access that orchestrates the tools already in place.”

Operating across every cloud, with broad support for most production databases and data lakes and more than 60 built-in integrations, Cyral’s platform delivers unified visibility into all data activity. It discovers all database accounts, their permissions and any sensitive data that may be accessible to them. It also enables organizations to set fine-grained access based on user identity, making service account resolution easy and enabling important privacy controls like data nulling, redaction and substitution. Developers can implement policies as code and the platform’s policy engine dynamically enforces them, down to the field level.

“Cyral comprehensive approach to database security reduces sensitive data exposure risk by over 75%. And deployment is done in seconds,” said Solomon, the company’s CISO. “Security leaders know the importance of quickly protecting their sensitive information, and drawn-out processes of implementing several different solutions can create more risk. This all-in-one platform mitigates those concerns to give them ease of mind.”

“This is the first platform that works with an organization’s existing IAM solutions and satisfies DevOps, developers, data analysts and the core security team all at once,” added Mital. “Whether your team prefers ClickOps or GitOps, there’s no change of workflow to enable security and governance across an organization’s entire data layer.”

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