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Data Lake Governance

Simplify Access to Data Lakes while Keeping Data Secure

Empower your data users with timely and relevant access while unifying access policies and simplifying cross-team collaboration.

Fine-grained Access Based on User Identity

Service Account Resolution

Get visibility into individual user identities behind service accounts
Log and monitor application generated activity with identity context

Unified Field-level Policies

Manage data access at field level using policy as code 
Implement privacy using data nulling, redaction, and substitution

Spotlight Features

Easily manage access to your data for analytics and modeling and eliminate use of shared accounts

Simplify how data teams access data on S3, and how the access is administered

Collect identity-enriched logs and metrics for all activity against your databases, pipelines and data lake

Activity Monitoring and Data Discovery

Monitor Usage and Prevent Runaway Queries

  • Gather metrics on query execution with identity context
  • Track resource usage on a per user and request basis
  • Implement alerts on full scans and excessive usage

Continuous Governance through Discovery

  • Simplify policies by mapping fields to database-agnostic labels and tags
  • Automate discovery of fields that match label definitions
  • Integrate with existing data catalog to keep the mappings current

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