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Wellness Days: Because Employee Care is Self Care

Employee-Care is the ultimate form of Self-Care for any company.  We want the incredible people behind the mission to secure the modern data cloud to be at their best and sometimes that means taking a break. 

Earlier this year, Cyral launched our company sponsored Wellness Day program, giving our team members two days per quarter to focus on themselves and completely step away from work.  We sweetened the deal with lunch on us and laid out ground rules: no work

While our intention for Wellness Days were to completely unwind and relax, team Cyral has been using their Wellness Days to do a little more than lounge on the couch.  Check out what some of our team has been up to!

Spent the day sailing around San Francisco bay. Rewarded with a great sunset at the end!”

Heather Howland, VP of Marketing

Just took my first one!  Spent the first half of the day on a 60 mile ride training for an upcoming cycling race, and then spent the second half relaxing, disconnecting, and making progress on some unfinished woodworking projects!”

Brandon Zinn, Account Executive

Spent the day at the beach!”

Nohealani Wright, Talent

Some friends and I gathered for a hotpot night. At first we set up some portable stoves along a table and planned to have a properly seated dinner, but we ran into some power problems and resorted to using the stove burners to make the pots hot. We ended up playing musical chairs (stoves?) for the duration of the meal as we continuously rotated around the kitchen island to give everyone a chance with the pot. Everybody eats 😩  πŸ™Œ  🍲  πŸ’― β€œ

Tim Nguyen, Software Engineer

A day trip to LA!”

Deepak Gupta, Software Engineer

Spent the day with my wife at our favorite tattoo shop getting ink.”

Scott Algatt, Security Engineer

My family and I (and the dog, too!) found one of the most beautiful trees in California. It’s growing beside the North Fork of the Stanislaus River. We also found some very cool river rocks, and got pretty good at skipping stones.”

Arley Lewis, Technical Writer

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