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Use Cases

Delivering Zero Trust to the Data Mesh

Delivering identity and security to data in the hybrid and multi-cloud world.

Bring Zero Trust to the Data Mesh

Data is at the heart of the Zero Trust framework. But delivering it to the Data Mesh requires a holistic approach that takes into account your entire security program, as well as the threats that are unique to data. Watch our webinar to learn how Zero Trust can help prevent data cloud breaches.

Deliver a Holistic Approach to Zero Trust

Federated Authentication

  • Integrate with existing IAM solutions
  • Authenticate users using existing group mapping
  • Fetch passwords from existing password managers
  • Log users with their right credentials

Attribute-Based Access Control

  • Define and manage group-level access using IAM controls
  • Use a single policy source for all policy management and enforcement
  • Deliver least privilege, ephemeral access, and field-level encryption

Continuous Data Activity Monitoring

  • Observe any data access, across any data repository, with no impact on performance
  • Send logs to any SIEM, UEBA, or other analytics solutions
  • Use existing dashboards and reporting tools and avoid learning curve

Go Beyond Encryption in Protecting Data

Data encryption is just one of many ways to protect your data at rest and in transit. To learn more about how Zero Trust framework allows to catch insider attacks, social engineering, inadequate controls, and application breaches, request a demo.

Build Defenses against Unique Data Threats

Data is the ultimate goal of most cyber attacks. As you think about implementing Zero Trust in the data cloud, learn more about the critical data security risks and tactics that attackers use to bypass traditional security controls.

What Customers Are Saying

“Cyral was the missing piece for us in access governance. It helps us tell a clear story of why a piece of data is protected, who accessed it, how they authenticated, and what queries they ran.”
Aaron Zollman Cedar CISO
Aaron Zollman
CISO, Cedar

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