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Securing Your Rapidly Changing Data Layer

Webinar: Securing Your Rapidly Changing Data Layer

Join our security expert Kevin Paige—currently Flexport’s CISO, and former security leader at MuleSoft, Salesforce and U.S. Army—in a discussion with our CTO, Srini Vadlamani on using a two-pronged strategy for securing an organization’s Data Cloud, while keeping their data engineering and DevOps teams agile. The trade-off is data getting dispersed across numerous platforms. It becomes exponentially harder to monitor data activity, implement access control and protect the company from data breaches.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • How security teams can help organizations safely embrace data democratization
  • How to use identity-based access management to keep your data services secure at scale 
  • How to embrace a Security as Code operating model to better align your Security and DevOps teams

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