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Intro to Cyral – Securing the Data Cloud

Cyral is building the first security solution for the data cloud. Companies today are embracing cloud-based data services to make data accessible by everyone. But this leaves them blind to who has access to what data? What their users and apps are doing with the data? Is someone trying to steal their data?

The challenge? There is no common standard for exchanging authentication and authorization information with different data services. SAML and OIDC-based identity providers cannot be used to manage access to the data cloud.

The result? There is a proliferation of shared accounts amongst data engineering teams, diminished visibility for security and devops teams, and a fragmented authorization model because policies are dispersed across many services.

This leaves organizations with operational inefficiencies, reduced agility and a large security risk with an increased attack surface. Cyral has solved this problem with a new approach that delivers visibility, access management and protection for the data cloud. We enable Identity Federation to handle shared accounts. Customers can have their users access their various different data repositories using their existing identity providers. We also generate logs, metrics, and traces enriched with identity and context for better visibility. There’s now an end-to-end picture of who is accessing what data and what they did. Finally, we centralize all authorization policies in one place – eliminating the fragmented and broken authorization model.

To accomplish this, we created an agentless and stateless interception technology with 20 patents pending. Cyral deploys quickly in a customer’s environment and intercepts all requests to any kind of a data repository. And we integrate with most identity providers and management tools. Users can now log into various data services using their SSO credentials.

We have built a world class team to bring this to market. Cyral’s customers include well known brands in Fortune 1000s and fast growing startups. We help customers secure their data cloud and embrace data democratization.

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