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Introducing the Cyral S3 Browser

The increased reliance on AWS S3 means that an increasing number of employees need varying levels of access to buckets, folders and files. This has resulted in severe challenges that can compromise security such as IAM role sprawl, lack of automation for workflows, difficulty in applying policies and tracking user activity with data and files.

To address these challenges, Cyral has announced general availability of the Cyral S3 Browser, which is accessible from the same Cyral control plane that centralizes access to databases and data lakes.

Some of the key benefits of the Cyral S3 browser include:

  • Reducing the IAM role sprawl
  • Eliminating standing access to S3 for non-admin data users
  • Reducing the risk of insider data thefts with rate limiting controls
  • An intuitive interface for browsing S3 for non-technical users
  • Obtaining consistent visibility into user activity within S3

To learn more about the Cyral S3 browser, go to

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