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Cyral 3rd Party and Open Source Components

The table below describes the third-party and Open Source dependencies of products from Cyral. It makes a distinction between “linked” and “distributed” with Cyral products. This distinction may have implications regarding how software is used based on Open Source software license, for example the Apache 2.0 license. Any code that runs in the same process with Cyral software is “linked” with while software that runs in a different process from Cyral software is “distributed” with.

Open Source ComponentLinkLicenseLinked/Distributed
OPA (Open Policy Agent) 2.0Linked
Vitess 2.0Linked
CockroachDB 2.0Linked
Duo_Go 2.0Linked
OpenCensus 2.0Linked
AWS SDK for Go 2.0Linked
gRPC 2.0Linked
Docker 2.0Distributed
Kubernetes 2.0Distributed
Prometheus 2.0Distributed
Grafana 2.0Distributed
Kibana 2.0Distributed
ElasticSearch 2.0Distributed
Filebeat 2.0Distributed
etcd 2.0Distributed
PushProx 2.0Distributed