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Governance and Protection

Ensure Users Access Only the Data they Should

Cyral ensures only designated users have access to the data. Cyral notifies your teams immediately when it detects anomalies and threats. It integrates with various cataloging, tokenization, key management and vault services to provide field-level data transformations to protect data in the Data Mesh.

Designated Access Management

  • Prevent data leakage by restricting access to exposing sensitive data in Cyral’s secure data explorer
  • Track and manage all data access requests
  • Ensure just in time and just enough access

Field-Level Transformations

  • Dynamically mask data from users who shouldn’t see it
  • Implement consistent field-level encryption across all your repositories
  • Transparently tokenize sensitive fields during data ingests into your data repositories

Anomaly Detection

  • Which engineer is reading more data than all-others on call engineers? 
  • Are there any accesses by data analysts originating from a location which is outside their usual set of locations?
  • Does data activity by a service user meant for an ETL job show signs of non-ETL like behavior?


Cyral is a simple-to-deploy security layer that lets teams observe, protect, and control their data in a DevOps-first world where data repositories live in the cloud and on premises.

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