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The Security Digest: #82

All of Twitch was leaked due to a misconfiguration, Solar Winds hackers accessed sanctions against Russians and more, Google is turning on 2FA for 150 million users, patch ASAP for Patch Tuesday, Microsoft released a Windows 11 security configuration tool and BrewDog inadvertently exposed data via their API. In owl news, Flammulated Owls are tiny but plentiful in Colorado and finally Last Week In AWS has released a charity shirt honoring the green checks of the AWS Status Page for 826 National.

  • The entirety of Twitch was leaked including source code and payouts from 2019 to their streamers. If you have a Twitch account, make sure you enable two-factor authentication ASAP. The leak was first reported by Video Games Chronicle. Twitch later said a misconfigured server was responsible for the massive breach according to ZDNet
  • More details are out on what information the Solar Winds hackers had access to including “information about counter-intelligence investigations, policy on sanctioning Russian individuals and the country’s response to COVID-19” via Reuters
  • In a new secure by default step, Google is going to turn on two-factor on 150 million accounts by the end of the year via The Verge
  • It’s Patch Tuesday with Microsoft patching over 70 flaws in this update. Update ASAP. Read on for the full list at KrebsOnSecurity
  • Microsoft has also released a tool for properly securing Windows 11 machines. Read more at BleepingComputer
  • BrewDog, the Scottish brewery known for their crowd funding model and high ABV beers, inadvertently exposed data via API for their Equity Punks for 18 months via BleepingComputer

Owl fun and facts:

USDA Forest Service

Flammulated owls are tiny and often heard more than seen, but if you’re in the Colorado Springs area, check out Manitou Experimental Forest to potentially get a view of this tiny owl. Read more about this wonderful little owl at Pikes Peak Courier

A Shout Out:

Last Week in AWS has released their 2021 Charity T-Shirt benefitting 826 National.

Place cells are known to exist not only in humans, but also other mammals like rodents and bats. They have also been detected in tufted titmice as they walk.

However, this is the first time that evidence for place cells — which fire at a high rate when an animal visits a particular location — has ever been seen in birds in flight.


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That’s owl for now!