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Takeaways from Our Roundtable at the Millennium Alliance – Dec 2023

A few days ago our team met with security leaders at an event hosted by the Millennium Alliance. Over the course of two days, we had in-depth discussions about data security and what it means for organizations of different sizes and across multiple industry segments.

During this event, we got the unique opportunity to host a roundtable with a room full of security executives to discuss how to prioritize and manage investments in data security, in a landscape that has gotten increasingly confusing.

Before this session, we polled the attendees for their input on two questions:

  • Rank the various assets in their organization according to data sensitivity?
  • What products do they have or are they investing in? 

The results were interesting!


Here’s how attendees ranked various asset types by data sensitivity:

We found an imbalance in which product categories these organizations are currently spending on:

Key Insight

Based on our findings from this event, we see a misalignment between risk prioritization and spending.

A majority of organizations are currently spending on PAM and CASB products despite ranking cloud computing resources as the lowest priority. This is likely as it is an easier, but also simplistic solution. Transversely, we see disproportionately low investment in DSPM and DAG, contradicting the relatively high perceived risk associated with cloud production databases and data warehouses in the cloud.

We believe that this misalignment indicates broad confusion from organizations about how to approach data security. We hope to bring clarity to this space by continuing to educate and enable teams to achieve their data security goals. Learn more from our latest white papers here.

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