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Demystifying the Data Security Landscape

In the past 6 months, the executive team at Cyral has had the privilege to engage in meaningful conversations with over 100 security leaders at enterprises across different verticals. It is clear that nearly all of them are undergoing significant transformations to enhance productivity, agility, and embrace a data-driven approach. Simultaneously, they face mounting regulatory pressures, exemplified by initiatives like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), recent mandates for zero trust from the White House, and the introduction of criminal penalties for executives who fail to prevent data breaches. As a consequence, data security has risen to the forefront as a critical priority for organizations.

The main challenge that came out of our discussions is the lack of clarity for decision makers when it comes to articulating a data security strategy for their organizations. For most organizations, there are three key questions that come to mind:

  1. What does a data security program entail? The point of IAM and network security programs is to prevent data breaches. What then sits inside a data security program that is not included in other cybersecurity programs?
  2. Where does the data security program sit? Very few companies have a data security team and don’t even realize where to place the responsibility for data security controls.
  3. What tools to adopt for data security? There are over a thousand data security companies out there, including established large vendors like Netskope and Zscaler, as well as VC-backed startups popping out nearly every week.

Our team at Cyral realized the challenge that many, if not most, security practitioners face right now is the lack of a framework that can help them answer these questions listed above.

Over the last few weeks, we have worked closely with multiple security leaders to develop a framework that aims to equip practitioners with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions while navigating the complex landscape of data security with greater confidence. Organizations can leverage it to implement an effective and efficient data security program.

Today we are excited to share it with the community and broaden the discussion to further refine this. We genuinely encourage folks to engage with us, contribute their insights, and share their experiences. Please feel free to contact us at

Want to learn more about Cyral’s framework for data security? Read our new white paper, “Understanding and Navigating the Data Security Landscape.”