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Celebrating Data Privacy and Protection Day – Come Out and Play With Us!

Do you know who and which application has access to what data in your organization? Do you know what your users are doing with your data? Do you know if someone is trying to exfiltrate your data? 

Companies embrace the cloud for agility and innovation. We have seen it disrupt the market. Fast growing startups can compete quickly and enterprises can scale their businesses faster than ever. However as the number of cloud databases, data warehouses and data pipelines grow it has made securing the Data Cloud more complex. Many organizations have blindspots and they have the time consuming task of manual provisioning leaving them with an increased attack surface and data protection and privacy have increasingly become a problem.

Back in 2008, a holiday was created to commemorate a legally binding international treaty (Convention 108, signed in 1981) regarding data privacy and data protection. Taking place annually on January 28th, Data Privacy Day in the U.S. and Data Protection Day in the E.U. It is celebrated annually to create awareness about the importance of respecting privacy, safeguarding data and enabling trust. 

Cyral is now 2.3 years old. We founded the company because we believe the future of data is in its democratization and its security in collaboration. We want to protect the Data Cloud so that enterprises can thrive. 

Startup years are often compared to dog years – one year at a startup is seven years at a large company. Remarkably, one of those calendar years was 2020, which will likely see future historians doing dissertations for each of its months. No matter the accounting, we at Cyral have certainly lived decades since its founding, and a lot has changed in that time. One thing, however, has not – our commitment to making security “simple”.

Our mission has always been to build security products that are very easy to use. Even the name “Cyral” is derived from Saral (सरल), a word in Hindi which means simple. Time and again, we have seen making products simpler and self-service not only increases productivity and leads to better architectural decisions, it also expands markets and leads to innovation. Just in the last few years we have seen the widespread efficacy of products like Datadog, Snowflake, and Kafka in making it possible for individuals to get started with solving problems that erstwhile required many months of selling, buying and professional services.  

Similar to infrastructure monitoring, data warehousing and software integrations in the past, the data security space has been broken – littered with unwieldy products, that are distributed using complicated GTM, and result in dissatisfied users. At the root of it has been a complex deployment process that requires deliberate project management across DBAs, IT and security analysts and access to hosted infrastructure. In the modern world where DevOps teams spin up services on-demand, often several times an hour, these products have no place.

Introducing Cyral’s Free Trial

We long saw the need for a self-service solution that requires no change to applications, can be managed by DevOps teams using their existing infrastructure-as-code workflows, and enables them to implement common-sense access controls to their data repositories for better data security. So, it seems fitting that today, on Data Privacy Day and Data Protection Day, we are going to make it easier for companies to explore a new way to protect and secure their data. We are incredibly excited to take another giant step in that direction by launching a self-service free trial for our product. This will make it very simple for engineering teams to evaluate and ultimately adopt Cyral.

Starting today, anyone with a work email address can sign up for Cyral, locally spin up our stateless interception service (sidecar) to broker requests for their databases and S3 buckets, and federate authentication with Okta. With time, we plan to make more of our integrations available as part of this free trial.

We encourage you to play with our product, and would love to hear your feedback and any questions you might have! 

You can learn more about our free trial here.

Celebrating Data Privacy and Protection Day
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