White Paper

Using Observability to Detect Data Exfiltration

Using Observability to Detect Data Exfiltration

To ensure data stays available and secure, infrastructure must provide data observability. Observability software generates logs, metrics and traces of all activity, giving their operators granular insights into the system’s behavior, along with rich end-to-end context of the system’s interactions with external users and services.

Cyral’s cloud-native Security as Code solution protects against data exfiltration and data breaches. Our modern data exfiltration prevention tools make it easy for engineering teams to observe, protect, and control data endpoints in a cloud and DevOps-first world.

In this data exfiltration prevention white paper you’ll learn:

  • The key aspects of data system observability
  • How data observability protects against data exfiltration
  • How Cyral plugs the current “observability gap” for data repositories
  • About data exfiltration detection use cases