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Version: v4.13

Data Labels and Mappings

The Data Labels tab shows the list of mappings associated to your repository.

A Data Label is a short name used to represent data locations (like tables, collections, or S3 buckets) that you want to protect. A mapping associates a data label to an actual data location.

Add or edit a Mapping

In the Cyral control plane UI:

  1. Click Data Repos ➡️ your repository's name ➡️ Data Labels ➡️ Mappings

  2. Add or edit:

    • To add a new mapping, click Add Mapping
    • To edit a mapping, find the data label you want to edit, click the 🔽 to expand it, and click ✏️ to edit.
  3. In the Edit Mapping window specify the data label's name and the data location it will apply to:

    • Data Label: If you're creating a new mapping, select an existing data label or go to the Data Labels page to create a custom label.
    • The remaining fields describe a location to be included in this data label:
      • Schema or Database: name of the schema, database, or Dremio space
      • Table, Collection, or Bucket: name of the database table, MongoDB collection, or AWS bucket
      • Column, Field, or Object Key: database column name, MongoDB collection field or AWS object key

        The fields describing your data location are case insensitive. For example, if you include a table name, credit_card_number, in your label, and you have tables called credit_card_number and Credit_Card_Number, then both will be covered by the label.

  4. Click Create or Save to save your mapping.

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