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Version: v4.13

Repo Audit Report

The repo audit report records the logs for data repository configuration changes performed by Cyral administrators, including changes to Access Rules, Approvals, Data Map, Network Shield and Policies. The logs in the repo audit report are stored for 1 year.

View Repo Audit Report

To view the repo audit report, click Data Repos ➡️ your repository's name ➡️ Audit Report. You must be logged in as a user with the View Audit Logs permission in order to view the repo audit report. In the default configuration, the Super Admin role has this permission.

Repo Audit Report Contents

The logs in the repo audit report shows:

  • Event: The description of the event that was perfomed.
  • Description: The details of the repo configuration change that was done. The description also contains the Actor, which is the user (or Cyral API Key) who made the changes associated with the event.
  • Date: The date and time of when the event happened.

Repo Audit Report Filters

It is possible to filter the logs in the repo audit report by:

  • Event Type: The type of the event, such as Access Rules, Approvals, Data Map, Network Shield or Policies.
  • Actor: This can correspond to the user's email, username, first name, last name, or even a client ID in case the event was generated by a Cyral API Key.
  • Data Range: A filter to only show the logs generated on the defined period. You can select one of the predefined values (e.g. Past 7 days, Past 30 days, Past 6 months, etc) or define a custom date range. By default, it will only display the logs generated in the past 30 days.

Export Repo Audit Report

Repo audit report can be exported as a file in CSV format. Only the logs that match the filters applied will be included in the report. You can export the report by clicking on the Export as CSV button, in the right corner of the audit report page, this will download a CSV file with all the logs that match the filters applied.