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Version: v4.12


A repo-level policy is a Cyral policy that you can configure and enable to control users' access to your data. Several predefined policy templates for common policy use cases are available, and you can quickly customize policies based on these templates to meet common policy objectives.

A repo-level policy applies to a repository (for example, a specific database) in Cyral. In the documentation, we refer to these as "repo-level policies" to distinguish them from Cyral global policies.

The Policy tab for a repository

The Policy tab helps you configure Cyral repo-level policies to enforce the most frequently used types of data access control. To add or manage a repo-level policy in the Cyral control plane UI, click Data Repos ➡️ your repository's name ➡️ Policies.

Supported policy types

Learn more

For more precise control over who can use your data, see the Cyral policy framework.