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Version: v4.11

Getting Started

It takes only a few steps to set up a Cyral sidecar to monitor and protect your repositories. Once the sidecar is in place, you can configure SSO authentication, offer just-in-time access to your data users, and easily track which users and services are interacting with your data repositories.

This guide will show you how to track a data repository using Cyral, connect to it, and monitor data activity in a Kibana dashboard. Follow these steps:

  1. Track your data repository by telling Cyral how to connect to it.
  2. Add a sidecar to intercept and monitor data activity from your users and applications.
  3. Bind your repository to the sidecar so that it can listen for incoming connections to the repository.
  4. Connect to your data repository through the sidecar: Try it out! See how simple it is for users to connect via the Cyral Access Portal.
  5. Monitor data activity: push sidecar logs to a destination of your choice and use one of our Quickstart Dashboards to visualize your activity logs!

Next steps

Once you've configured Cyral to protect a data repository, you can: