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Version: v4.13

Manage sidecar credentials

The Cyral sidecar credentials are used to authenticate the sidecar to the Cyral control plane and are represented by a Client ID and a Client Secret.

You can see the list of credentials created for a sidecar in the Settings tab of your sidecar.

Rotating credentials

Once a sidecar is deployed and running, you can replace its client secret at any time. This is typically called rotating the sidecar credentials. Follow these steps:

  1. In the Cyral control plane UI, click Sidecars, click the name of your sidecar, click the Settings tab and access Sidecar Credentials.

  2. Click New Credentials to generate a new client ID and client secret.

  3. The generated values appear in the pop-up window. Provide the values to your sidecar deployment.


    You will see the client secret only once, so be sure to save it. If you do lose your newly created secret, you can create a new one by following this process again. If you create a client secret but don't wish to use it, click the delete button to remove it.

After migrating to the new set of credentials, we recommend that you delete the previous credentials.