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Metrics Specification

Cyral publishes the following data activity metrics with these labels.


cyral_port_scan_countcounterCount of port scans targeted at data repositories
cyral_authentication_failure_countcounterCount of data repository authentication failures
cyral_policy_violation_countcounterCount of policy violations
cyral_request_countcounterCount of requests submitted to data repositories
cyral_row_countcounterCount of rows of data returned by data repositories
cyral_failed_requests_countcounterCount of requests that failed to execute due to errors
cyral_cleartext_password_countcounterCount of connections that sent passwords in cleartext


repo_idstringRepository ID
repo_namestringRepository name
repo_typestringRepository type (MySQL, PostgreSQL, and so on)
client_hoststringClient IP address
client_tlsbooleanWhether the client connected to the sidecar using TLS
repo_tlsbooleanWhether the sidecar connected to the repository using TLS
sensitive_requestbooleanWhether the request accessed sensitive data
end_userstringThe user (SSO user or native data repository user) who connected to the repository
service_namestringThe service that connected to the repository