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Identify logged fields

You can specify which tables, collections, and fields Cyral monitors, so that Cyral generates a log entry each time a user or app interacts with that data element in your repository. To set this up:

  1. Click Data Repos, click the name of your repository, and click the Log Settings tab.
  2. In the Logged fields section, click the plus sign.
  3. In the Add Logged Fields window, specify the locations (and, where applicable, operation types) to be monitored:
    • For a relational database, specify:
      • Schema: Name of the database or schema
      • Table: Name of the table or collection
      • Columns: Name of the column or columns, as a comma-separated list
    • For a document-oriented database, specify:
      • Database: Name of the database
      • Collection: Name of the collection
      • Fields: Name of the field or fields, as a comma-separated list.
    • For a REST API endpoint, specify:
      • Endpoint: URI of the REST API endpoint
      • Method: HTTP operation(s) (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE), as a comma-separated list.
  4. Click Create.

For help specifying which types of events will generate logging entries, see the log volume settings