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Release Notes

Release v2.16.x

What's New

Deployment and provisioning

  • Support for autoprovisioning of the Cyral control plane and sidecars
  • Sidecar deployment templates now support enabling/disabling support for a particular repository type. For example, when deploying a sidecar, you can use this feature to turn off PostgreSQL support in that sidecar.
  • Support for provisioning CNAMEs and certificates for Snowflake sidecars
  • Support for Google's GCR and Amazon's ECR container registries for both Cyral control plane and sidecars
  • Improved variable names in sidecar templates to make them more intuitive for users


  • All sidecar templates now support logging to Sumologic
  • Helm-deployed sidecars now support logging to Splunk and Kafka
  • Improvements in log volume settings: Logging can be set to log full table scans, and the logging facility now supports mixing sensitive log groups with DQL, DML, and DDL log groups.
  • Log volume settings are now customizable on Dremio repositories


  • Some Cyral preconfigured alerts are now supported on Snowflake repositories.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that prevented MySQL-analyzer to recognize as sensitive tables with keywords
  • Fixed bug that prevented the sidecar from running on local Kubernetes clusters
  • Fixed bug in retrieving dbName from AWS secrets in authenticator
  • More complete documentation in Cyral sidecar templates
  • Add support for $ in identifiers when referring to a Dremio repository
  • Add ability to log in to AWS ECR automatically in Helm templates
  • Address linting issues affecting mySQL and Snowflake repositories
  • Fix metrics issue affecting Dremio repositories
  • Add Stack tag to sidecar CFT template
  • Add ability to notify via AWS SNS when an admin connects a new identity provider
  • Templates now support defining sidecar ports
  • Users service now supports sending "Welcome" emails directly via Amazon SES
  • Fix issue when blocking rows during CTAS (CREATE TABLE AS SELECT) operations

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